A fictional website.

The story behind this website started with an image I created and which was part of a User Interface design challenge, called “Daily UI”. Once you are subscribed, every weekday, and for one hundred days, you'll be sent a UI-related challenge by email.

The 6th challenge theme is “User Profile”. As a fan of Bill Murray (who isn't?) and the original Ghostbusters movies, I had the idea of designing a profile page of Peter Venkman, on an imaginary Ghostbusters website.

After an entire evening spent to look for inspiration, photos, content..., and to design a mockup, here is the final result I came up with:

DailyUI 006 - User Profile
The “shot” I posted on Dribble.

But that's wasn't enough! I found the idea fun and interesting, so I ended up by designing an entire website:

The pages I designed in Sketch.

And after a few hours trying to give life to this mockup with a few lines of HTML and CSS, this fake Ghostbusters website became a reality—it's a fixed width layout and not really mobile compliant, sorry for that.

Thanks for passing by, I hope you like it!

April 2020 update:
The first version of this website was quickly made with a fixed width layout, and wasn't readable on small screen devices. I decided to rebuilt the website from scratch to make it responsive, and I thought it was a good opportunity to finally give a try on how to use Webflow.

December 2020 update:
I moved this website from its own .cc domain name to another domain name.

December 2023 update:
I moved again this website from the previous domain name to another domain name, and remove gibberish-useless stuff in the source code (tracking, social network links...).