Blogging without overthinking

While reading this post by Manu, whose website I recently discovered and enjoy reading a lot, I came across another article by Matt Mullenweg titled “Birthday Gift”.

In his article, Matt, who is soon to celebrate his 40th birthday, shares about the gift he wishes for:

I want you to blog.

Publish a post. About anything! It can be long or short, a photo or a video, maybe a quote or a link to something you found interesting. Don’t sweat it. Just blog. Share something you created, or amplify something you enjoyed. It doesn’t take much. The act of publishing will be a gift for you and me.

It resonates a lot with how I’ve been trying, for a few weeks now, to revive my little corner on the web, aka this website.

It makes me realize that I shouldn’t overthink before publishing something. My articles don’t always need to be well-thought-out content; they can also be simple things to share or express, without the need for extra explanation or embellishment. There is nothing wrong with that.

Indeed, I think this is why I couldn’t maintain a blog for more than a few months, at most two years, in the past. I’ve always had plenty of ideas about what to write, but I used to overthink what I was going to publish: Is it interesting? Is it well-written? Haven’t dozens of people already written about this topic? Do I have the legitimacy to talk about this? And so on.

By overthinking, I ended up publishing less.

And that led to the inevitable abandonment of my previous blogs.

So, I really hope that with this blog, which I opened a little over a year ago, I’ll publish more. About anything that comes to mind and makes me want to write. As I made the resolution to publish more in 2024, this article of Matt couldn’t have come at a better time, serving as both inspiration and a timely reminder of my commitment to this goal.

Thanks, Matt, and Happy Birthday!


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