Redesigning my website – Part 2

I tried to code the homepage I designed a few days ago. As a reminder, here’s the mock-up I made:

The Homepage
The Homepage

To my great surprise, I managed to code this page quite easily and quickly! Of course, I had to google this and that, and I used the developer tools of my browser to get some inspiration from other websites which I think are very pleasant to look at and to read.

So, here is a functional homepage : Redesign V1

I’m sure the code, especially the CSS, is not clean, not optimized and probably kinda quirky, but hey, it works! And it’s quite faithful to the design!

Next steps: to code a blog post and a regular page. It should be ok. And then, once I’ll have those three pages coded, I think I’ll have to clean/optimize the code as much as I can. Indeed, if I want to transform the HTML/CSS in a template for a future CMS, this could be helpful and save me some trouble, especially since the task is new to me and seems a bit difficult.