The first time I saw Mount Fuji

Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested, even fascinated, by Japan and its culture.

For someone who adores Japan, witnessing Mount Fuji for the first time was an unforgettable experience.

Let’s travel back to January 15, 2009, exactly fifteen years ago.

I was living in a modest building in a calm area of Yokohama, blessed with access to a rooftop terrace. I frequented this spot nearly every day to soak in the sights, lights, and sounds of my neighborhood. Rooftop access is a rarity in my homeland, I think they are enjoyable and inspiring places.

On a morning a few days after I moved in, I took my coffee up to the rooftop for some relaxation. It was a splendid January day with a clear, sunny, cloudless blue sky.

Upon reaching the terrace, my eyes were instantly drawn to an imposing white peak, cutting a distinctive silhouette against the blue sky. Time seemed to freeze for a few seconds. Seeing Mount Fuji, unexpectedly, was profoundly moving. I spent a long time, perhaps ten minutes, simply absorbing the view and the ambiance of the place. It was a moment of pure enchantment.

Returning to reality, I decided to grab my camera from my room. I hurried back to capture the elegance of this iconic mountain in photographs. The image you see here is one of those very pictures.

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