Framing Japan – Part 2

Let’s continue our photographic journey in Japan, by diving into the archives from my previous trips, for a moment of nostalgia.

Find the first part of this journey in pictures in the article Framing Japan – Part 1.

For this second part, I chose three photos:

  1. The striking Sensō-ji temple pagoda, in the Asakusa area of Tokyo. If I remember correctly, I took this photo from the Denboi Garden, right beside the pagoda. I find the perspective I chose for this photo interesting. The pagoda is not fully visible, but I like how it contrasts with the blue sky, framed by the various leaves and greenery surrounding me.
  2. Again, the Tokyo Tower. I find this tower fascinating, with its bright red color that really makes it stand out from its surroundings
  3. This is the photo I used as the cover of this article. At Shin-Osaka Station, while waiting for the Shinkansen, I was somewhat amused by this group of presumed salarymen, gathered in a glass cabin for a cigarette break. The confined space, resembling an aquarium, reflects the Nozomi Shinkansen on its surface.

Looking back through my old photographs from Japan is always a pleasurable experience. It’s like taking the trip all over again in my mind. I still have a few more photos set aside that I plan to share in a future “Framing Japan” article.