The Last Stroll of the Year

Today, I took a nice walk with my dog in the nearby countryside. There weren’t many people around, I came across a few walkers, it was pleasant.

Most of the time, I find myself feeling somewhat lazy when I think about going for a walk, even just a relaxed stroll. I’m comfortably settled at home and I enjoy being there. But fortunately, my dog’s expression and his eagerness to go out help me to kick myself into gear, put on my shoes, and step outside. Usually, I end up giving myself twenty to thirty minutes for a walk in the forest close to my home.

My dog isn’t what you’d call a small dog. He’s pretty energetic and not really accustomed to humans. So, when we encounter people, I tend to get a bit stressed, shorten his long leash, and perhaps pull a bit too tightly. And as I become stressed, I think he obviously senses it and starts to feel a bit anxious too. Of course, he shows some interest in the people we meet, but he doesn’t really care in the end, unless they interact with us. Thankfully, I’ve never had a problem so far. I believe I need to work on myself, to not be so stressed and to let the leash be a bit more slack.

Anyway, as expected, today everything went well. Even so, I found myself moving away from the main path whenever I saw a group of people in the distance, sometimes with dogs.

Today, we walked all around a lake, for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, covering a bit less than 6 km. The weather was nice, with temperatures around 10°C.

Walking feels good. It’s a precious time where I usually don’t look at or use any electronic devices, and just try to enjoy the moment. It’s something beneficial in these times where we spend so much time in front of various screens that capture our attention for sometimes trivial things.

Below are two photos I took at the end of the stroll.