Framing Japan – Part 1

The article I published yesterday contains two photos I took that same day. Publishing those photos made me want to publish more photos. So, I dug into my archives, and I came across photographs I took in Japan about ten years ago.

Here are four first photos I selected because, well, I like them. I plan to publish more in the future.

  1. The charm and quietness of a random little street in Kyoto
  2. The Tokyo Tower
  3. The Landmark Tower in Yokohama
  4. A composition of layers of buildings somewhere in Yokohama at dawn, which, I believe, has a kind of Katsuhiro Otomo vibe

I miss Japan. My last stay there was in 2016 and I can’t wait to go back. I’ve always thought it’s a gorgeous place to take photos. In my opinion, the lighting, both natural and artificial, is like nowhere else. The landscapes and the architecture are also singular.

The panoramic view of Tokyo used as the cover of this article was also taken by myself. I found it in my archives as well, and back then, I edited it to add that tilt-shift effect, which was quite popular. Unfortunately I did not find the original image. This one has a poor resolution and may appear a bit blurry.